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Stonebridge IT, LLC was founded by Alen Zilic, who brings more than two decades of experience of leading organizations through integrating technology solutions to fit their business goals. A University of La Verne graduate, Alen has built his depth of knowledge and hands-on experience tracing back to the beginning of technology on campus, where he performed systems and network support for faculty, students, and the university IT department.

With his extensive background in Computer Science Engineering, System Networking, System Administration, Management, and Consulting, he uses his expertise to plan, oversee, and implement large scale projects, such as unifying technology for merging companies, as well as streamlining daily IT operations for existing companies.

Alen and his team have a passion for outstanding customer service and are focused on:

  • providing cutting edge solutions for companies
  • helping to cut operational costs
  • staying competitive
  • using the technology to drive business profits

Our mission is to create strategic partnerships with small to mid-sized business and help turn technology into tools that used to be exclusive to large enterprises. Leveraging over 18 years of experience, we have engaged in projects serving industries from education, staffing, manufacturing, health & wellness and entertainment.

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Stonebridge IT

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