You don’t need to purchase and maintain an expensive phone system for your business. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows your phones to communicate with a phone system “in the cloud” and operate over your existing computer network, which is where we come in. At Stonebridge IT, we’ll be your experienced IT partner to set up and manage, ensuring you reliable calls with great sound quality.

VoIP reduces both your startup and operational costs, especially when compared to a traditional on-premises phone system or a phone company service, meaning that, as with many cloud services, you can pay less and get whole lot more.

  • An automated attendant answers calls to help make a professional first impression
  • Use ring groups to route calls to groups of people, ensuring the call is answered
  • Help improve employee productivity with features like Follow Me and Voicemail-to-Email
  • Give each employee a unique conference calling passcode
  • Use mobile devices to answer, transfer and make calls
  • More than 50 powerful features to choose based on your business needs

There’s NO software to buy, NO wiring to install, and NO capital to invest beyond the cost of the phones themselves. A flat monthly per-user fee also gives you unlimited calling in the U.S.